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Ceramic Treatment

Refº Net 24


Engine treatment with ceramic and ester technology. Improved lubrication for longer durations and across a wider temperature range.


300 ml package


- Professional-grade product. High-performance lubricant designed for high-performance engines.

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Engine Oil Enhancer Additive. Drastically reduces friction coefficient and wear. The additives work synergistically to generate a protective film for the most adverse conditions. Ceramic Motor Treatment withstands temperatures of up to 1200ºC, perfect for vehicles subject to higher wear and more spirited driving. It protects during cold starts, reduces consumption, and minimizes excess temperature, vibrations, and noise. It is safe even for the most demanding oil filters. It does not negatively interfere with the physicochemical properties of the oil. Can be applied to diesel or gasoline engine oils. Compatible with synthetic and mineral oils.


- Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it helps to maintain the oil in good condition         - Reduces wear between parts         

- Creates a protective film that reduces wear and friction

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what mileage should I apply this product to my car?

This product can be applied to any engine, but particular attention should be given to vehicles with higher mileage or in aggressive/competitive driving situations.

2. Can I apply this product to the gearbox?

Yes, you can apply it to a manual gearbox, but never to an automatic gearbox or any system with oil-bathed discs. 

3. Quais os beneficios ao aplicar o produto?

It keeps the oil in better condition, significantly lowers excess temperature, and reduces wear between parts.


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