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Diesel Injection Cleaning

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Highly effective additive for cleaning diesel injection systems. Restores normal injector spray pattern with just one tankful.


300 ml package

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Product with state-of-the-art detergents capable of deep cleaning all components of the injection system. Contains cetane boosters (up to 4 points), enhancing combustion efficiency and reducing smoke emissions.

Features anticorrosive additives to protect surfaces prone to corrosion. Cleans injectors in a single tankful, restores lost power, disperses accumulated deposits, and protects fuel filters.

Compatible with all types of injection systems and diesel fuels.


- Eliminates smoke         - Eliminates excess fuel consumption due to inefficient combustion         - Eliminates excessive vibrations         

- Prevents starting difficulties         - Restores normal operation of the injection system

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a good product to apply before inspections?

It is a very good product for reducing excessive gas emissions. Perfect to help pass the gas test during inspections.

2. It's the ideal product for when the fuel injection system isn't working properly

Yes, it's a product that cleans the diesel system and restores the initial functionality of the injection system.  

3. Is it compatible with any diesel system?

Yes, it is compatible with any diesel system.


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