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Diesel Treatment

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Fuel enhancer (diesel) that cleans, lubricates, and increases the cetane number in the fuel. If used continuously, it prevents potential problems that arise in the injection systems.


250 ml package

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Reabastecimento de um carro


The Diesel Treatment features a potent blend of additives that enhance the lubricating properties of diesel (high-performance). With continuous use, it provides progressive cleaning of the injection system. It contains cetane boosters (2-3 points), which improve combustion efficiency, reducing smoke emissions.

It eliminates issues stemming from a dirty and inefficient injection system, such as excessive smoke, starting difficulties, vibrations, excessive fuel consumption, and power losses.

It is compatible with all types of diesel.


- Through its friction modifiers, it reduces fuel consumption        - It reduces wear between parts         

- With the recommended dosage, it allows for obtaining improved, high-quality fuel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the 250 ml meant for just one tank?

No, this product comes with a dispenser for application in multiple tanks. It's sufficient for 250 liters of fuel. We recommend applying 50 ml per 50 liters of fuel.

2. Does this product also clean and lubricate the injection system?

Yes, this product cleans and lubricates the injection system.  

3. Can it be used continuously?

Yes, it can and should be used continuously to maintain the system in perfect condition.


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