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Radiator Degreaser

Refº Net 29


High-quality product. Formula developed to remove oil and grease from the cooling system circuit.


300 ml package

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Mecânico de automóveis


Formula specially developed to remove oil from cooling circuits. A highly effective product in its performance and quick; in the vast majority of cases, a single package completes its work perfectly within 30 minutes. Apply the entire contents of the package to the circuit of a light vehicle (if not a professional, apply when cold to avoid burns), let it work for 30 minutes, then drain the entire circuit and rinse thoroughly. If you feel that the cleaning is not satisfactory, you can repeat the procedure. However, you will rarely need to use the product again for a second cleaning.


- Quick application         - Cleans the cooling system of oils and greases

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a product specifically for when there is oil and grease in the water circuit?

Yes, it is a product specifically for situations involving oil and grease.

2. Is the application easy to do?

It's a relatively straightforward application, but we believe it's best done by a professional.

3. And is it effective for that major issue of removing oil from the water circuit?

Yes, it's very effective and quick; usually, it's clean within 30 minutes. We dare to say we might be one of the most effective and fastest on the market.


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