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Radiator Cleaning

Refº Net 6


A product specially designed for cleaning the radiator and the entire cooling system. Its formula is not too aggressive so as not to attack any undesired part of the cooling system.


300 ml package

Where to buy:

Mecânico de automóveis


The Radiator Cleaner has been specially designed for a thorough and effective cleaning of the radiator, without being too aggressive. Apply the entire contents of the package to the cooling system (if you are not a professional, apply with the vehicle cold to avoid burns), let it work for 20 to 30 minutes, then drain the entire system and rinse well. If the cleaning meets your satisfaction, refill the cooling system with coolant. If the cleaning is not sufficient, you can repeat the process with another Radiator Cleaner Aterazinet package. It cleans all types of residues, rust deposits, etc. Compatible with all water-based coolants and antifreeze. Easy application, one 300ml package for a light vehicle.


- Safe product         - Less aggressive formula         - Compatible with all water-based coolants and antifreezes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it an aggressive product for radiators?

It's a mildly aggressive product. It's ideal for general circuit cleanings. In a situation of a severely corroded and old system, leaks may still occur.

2. Can I apply and drive for a few days with the product inside the circuit?

You cannot. The product is meant to be applied and removed from the cooling system after about 20 to 30 minutes.  

3. Should it be applied by a professional?

In order to avoid potential burns, the product should be applied by a professional.


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