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Multifunctions Spray

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High-quality Release Spray. A comprehensive spray with high cleaning, penetrating, and lubricating power. These features make this product essential for everyday use for anyone.


400 ml packaging


- The product's ability to penetrate mechanisms and lubricate makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

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Mecânico de motores


Do you have any issues with your car? Are you looking to delve into your car's mechanics and need a product to make your work easier?

The Multi-Function Spray is the product you're looking for. It's a penetrating spray that cleans and lubricates any mechanism. The product has a high capacity to penetrate into mechanisms that are stuck, rusty, etc., so that it can reach and lubricate the necessary area(s). 

So where can I apply this product?

The variety of applications is what makes this product so interesting.

Literally anything subject to friction can be lubricated with the Multifunctional Spray. In other words, you can use it to lubricate professional workshop tools subjected to heavy loads daily, remove seized glow plugs, rusty bolts, locks, etc. This product can be applied to virtually the entire car.

The dual valve allows you to choose between two application methods. Use the straw when you need a more precise application or when the application area is hard to reach. And the spray application for use in a wide area.


- Eliminates noise caused by friction         - Lubricates and frees 'stuck' mechanisms         - High penetration power on rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it the most suitable product for loosening mechanisms seized by rust?

Yes, without a doubt, the right product for the task. It can easily 'get into' rusty mechanisms to lubricate and free them when 'seized.' The product's ability to 'get into' and act on mechanisms even when they are completely stuck is what makes this product ideal for a wide variety of applications (easy or difficult).

2. Yes, it is suitable for both personal and professional use.

Yes, it does. The product can be used by you for small issues that arise occasionally in your car, but it's also suitable for use in a professional workshop where a product capable of solving difficult problems is required.

3. When should I use the Multi-Purpose Spray and not the Lubricant and Antioxidant Spray?

Both are products suitable for lubricating mechanisms. The Lubricant and Antioxidant Spray is for cases where the mechanisms are not too stuck due to rust, adverse environmental conditions, etc. It's perfect for lubricating in less demanding situations, such as a door that starts to become stiff. In other words, the lubrication is more preventive, lubricating and protecting the mechanism from corrosion, preventing it from getting 'stuck'.

The Multi-Purpose Spray is a product designed to unlock more complicated situations. It can be used for preventive lubrication, as well as for more demanding lubrication tasks.

4. It also has antioxidant characteristics?

Yes, it has antioxidant characteristics, but for "attacking" rust. When protection against oxidation is needed, the ideal product is the Lubricant and Antioxidant Spray.

5. Is it good for lubricating the motorcycle chain?

It is not the most suitable product. For lubricating motorcycle chains with the desired effectiveness, the best product is the Chain Lubricant Spray.


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