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Multifunctions Spray

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High-quality Unlocking Spray. A very comprehensive spray, with high cleaning, penetration, and lubrication power. These features make this product essential for the day-to-day life of any cyclist.


400 ml package


- The product's ability to penetrate mechanisms and lubricate makes it an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications on your bicycle.

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Having any issues with your bicycle? Has a bicycle been sitting idle for a long time? Or do you want to pick up a bike that's been parked on the street?

All these cases have a very simple solution. The Multifunctional Spray is a penetrating lubricant that cleans and lubricates any mechanism. The product has a high ability to penetrate the mechanism that's stiff, rusty, etc. so that it can reach and lubricate the necessary area(s). 

So where can I apply this product on my bicycle? You might be wondering.

Its range of applications is what makes this product so interesting.

Literally anything subject to friction can be lubricated with the Multifunctional Spray. In other words, you can use it on the handlebar, derailleur, pedals, saddle, etc. With the Multifunctional Spray, you can get the best performance out of your bike, whether it's in a high-demand race or just a morning ride to start your day off right.



The dual nozzle allows you to choose between two application methods. Use the straw when you need a more precise application or when the application area is hard to reach. And the spray application for use on a larger area.


- Eliminates noises originating from friction         - Lubricates and frees 'stuck' mechanisms         - High penetrating power on rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it the most suitable product for releasing mechanisms stuck by rust?

Yes, without a doubt, the right product for the task. It easily penetrates rusty mechanisms to lubricate and free them when stuck. The product's ability to penetrate and act on mechanisms even when they are completely stuck is what makes this product ideal for a wide range of applications (easy or difficult).

2. Can it also be used for professional purposes?

Yes, it does. You can apply it to your bike in your day-to-day life, as well as in a professional bicycle workshop.

3. Is it good for lubricating the bicycle chain?

It's not the ideal product for lubricating the chain. For that, the best option is the Bike Lubricant Spray.

4. Does it have antioxidant properties?

Yes, it has antioxidant properties. This product primarily uses antioxidants to combat rust. It also protects against oxidation, but it's not its specialty.


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