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Refº Net 30



High-quality spray for electrical and electronic equipment, withstands up to 74,000 V. Eliminates current leakage faults caused by adverse environments.


400 ml package

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Painéis solares no telhado


The Electrical Contacts Spray (dielectric) is a highly effective product for protecting electrical systems. With its powerful protection against moisture and adverse environments, current leakage faults will no longer be a problem. In addition to protection, it also cleans effectively.


Unfortunately, we've all had problems with poor contacts. Due to various reasons, it happens quite often and has a simple solution.

The Electrical Contacts Spray (dielectric) has various applications, from simple ones (household outlets) to more complex and demanding ones (maintenance of solar panels). 

The dual valve allows you to choose between two application methods. Use the straw for more precise application or when the application area is hard to reach. And use the spray application for broader coverage.


- Eliminates current faults         - Protects against adverse conditions such as persistent moisture and saline atmospheres

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the product only protect?

No. In addition to providing protection, it is a product that effectively cleans electrical equipment.

2. Why is it good for preventing moisture?

The Electrical Contact Spray is a high-quality dielectric specifically designed to protect against moisture. When applied to electrical contacts, the product forms a protective film that prevents moisture from entering. This prevents electrical current failures.

3. Can it be used on electronic components?

Yes. Where current flows, this product can be used.


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