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Spray lubricant special weapons

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Spray lubricant specially designed for use on firearms. Reduces friction between metal parts, lubricates moving parts of the firearms, and protects against rust. Ensures long-term cleaning and lubrication.


400 ml package

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Having issues with your firearm? Not having successful hunting days?

If so, you've just found the solution to all these problems. We don't want you to come home empty-handed, so we present to you the Special Firearms Lubricant Spray. It's a spray that lubricates any mechanism to maintain the firearm's smooth operation.

The Special Firearms Lubricant Spray not only lubricates the firearm but also protects against corrosion and oxidation. It contains no adhesives to keep the firearm clean and has a low odor formula. It's the ideal product for maintaining your firearm.



- Eliminates noise caused by friction         - Non-adhesive         - Low odor         - Protection against corrosion and oxidation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it the most suitable product for loosening mechanisms seized by rust?

No, for freeing seized mechanisms and cleaning rust from the firearm, the most suitable product is the Multifunction Spray.

2. Is it suitable for personal and professional use?

Yes, it does. The product can be used by you for small issues that arise in any firearm, but it's also prepared to be used in a competition firearm.

3. When should I use the Spray Lubricant Special Weapons instead of the Multifunction Spray?

Both are products suitable for lubricating mechanisms. The Special Firearms Lubricant Spray is for cases where the mechanisms are not heavily seized due to rust. It's a product for routine lubrication, whenever necessary. In other words, the lubrication is more preventive, lubricating and protecting the mechanism from corrosion, preventing it from becoming 'stuck.

The Multifunctional Spray is a product designed to unlock the most complicated situations. The product also serves to clean areas of rust present in the firearm. After cleaning, you can apply the Spray Lubricant Special Weapons to lubricate the firearm.

4. Does it have antioxidant properties?

Yes, it has antioxidant properties to protect your firearm from oxidation due to environmental conditions.


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