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Internal Engine Cleaning

Refº Net 9


Product with a high rate of effectiveness and safety. Removes all dirt present in systems between oil changes. Professional-grade seal.


300 ml package

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Highly effective and safe product that, thanks to its combination of additives, intensively cleans all elements composing the engine lubrication system. Neutralizes residues generated in old oil and keeps them dispersed for better elimination. Assists in removing wear metals, reduces excessive oil consumption, diminishes noise, prevents compression loss, and lubrication deficiencies. It is essential to ensure that new oil operates under better and longer conditions. Applicable to diesel or gasoline engine oils. Compatible with synthetic and mineral oils.


- Eliminates dirt present in the systems         - Eliminates acids         - Cleans surfaces         - Disperses dirt

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I perform an internal engine cleaning?

Internal engine cleaning is a service that should be done on all engines starting at 40,000 kilometers and repeated every 40,000 kilometers. It helps to keep the engine clean of sludge and carbon deposits that are generated during its operation.

2. Is it difficult to do?

No, it's just applying it alongside the old oil for 20 to 30 minutes before the oil change.

3. Can I apply it to gearboxes?

You can apply it to clean manual gearboxes. But be aware that it should never be applied to automatic gearboxes!


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