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Refº Net 23



Technologically advanced product. It has several application possibilities, but it is most effective when applied to brake system components.

Recommended for professional use.


500 ml package

Where to buy:

Conserto de roda de bicicleta


Brake Cleaning Spray perfect for degreasing all types of parts. Suitable for cleaning and degreasing bicycle brake discs primarily. It is an essential cleaning product in bicycle maintenance, installation, and repair areas and their components.

Its jet intensity is perfect for penetrating deeply into dirt, residue, grease, etc. It enables quick and thorough cleaning.

It has a 360º valve to ensure that the product is fully utilized and applied as needed.


- Fast application         - Good volatility         - Effective for eliminating grease and dust buildup in systems

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the product contain acetone in its composition?

Our Brake Cleaning Spray does not contain Acetone. It is non-corrosive when applied to plastics and rubbers.

2. Is it very greasy?

No, unlike other equivalent products in the market, our Brake Cleaning Spray is not very greasy. After application, the surface is easy to clean.

3. Does it evaporate very quickly?

It doesn't evaporate practically instantly after being applied; it takes a few seconds to evaporate completely. Sufficient time to dissolve dirt and clean.

4. Can it be used to clean the bicycle chain?

We are aware of several customers who use our Brake Cleaning Spray to clean the chain and sometimes even the entire bicycle. In both situations, we do not recommend it as a regular practice. Bicycle paints can be quite sensitive, and there are more suitable products for cleaning both the bicycle and its chain. 


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