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Gunpowder residue cleaning

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Spray technologically developed for excellent cleaning of gunpowder residue. Highly effective in combating the deposits of gunpowder residue that accumulate in various areas of firearms.


400 ml package


- Powerful jet to clean the most difficult areas. It is one of the reasons why the product is the ideal choice for firearm cleaning.

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The Gunpowder Residue Cleaning Spray is the ideal product for maintaining your firearm. It is designed to eliminate gunpowder residue deposits to prevent future jams in the firearm. Easy and quick cleaning. Can be used for shotguns, rifles, handguns, etc. Cleans lead, grease from all parts of the firearm.

The dual valve allows you to choose between two application methods. Use the nozzle for more precise application or when the application area is hard to reach. And spray application for use on a larger area.


- Deep cleaning, even in the most difficult areas         - Prevents future jams         - Prevents potential firearm lockups

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes this product the ideal choice?

The Gunpowder Residue Cleaning Spray is the ideal choice due to its powerful jet that facilitates reaching even the most difficult areas, as well as its effectiveness in breaking down gunpowder deposits. It is an essential product in firearm maintenance.

2. Does this product clean and protect?

No, this product has been specially designed to only clean firearms of residues and gunpowder deposits.

3. How should I apply the product?

The product transforms gunpowder residues into a liquid state, making their removal easier. If you take too long to remove the dirt after applying the product, it gradually evaporates, causing the dirt to return to a solid state. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the dirt with a cloth or paper after applying the product. Use with the firearm disassembled for more effective cleaning.


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