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Brake Cleaner Spray

Refº Net 23



Technologically advanced product. It has various application possibilities but is primarily effective when applied to brake and clutch system components.

Recommended for professional use.


500 ml package

Where to buy:

Pinças de freio


Brake Cleaner Spray is perfect for degreasing all types of parts. Recommended for cleaning and degreasing brake discs, clutch discs, gearboxes, machine components, etc. It is an essential cleaning product in maintenance, installations, and equipment and component repair areas.

Its jet intensity is perfect for penetrating deeply into dirt, residue, grease, etc., allowing for quick and thorough cleaning.


It features a 360º valve to ensure all the product is used and applied as needed.


- Quick application         - Good volatility         - Effective for removing grease and dust buildup in systems

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the product contain acetone?

Our Brake Cleaner Spray does not contain acetone. It is not corrosive when applied to plastics and rubbers.

2. Is it very greasy?

No, unlike other equivalent products on the market, our Brake Cleaning Spray is not very greasy. After application, the surface is easy to clean.

3. Does it evaporate very quickly?

It doesn't evaporate almost instantly after application; it takes a few seconds to evaporate completely. This is enough time to dissolve the dirt and clean.


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