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Grade II Grease

Refº Net 17






EP (Extreme Pressure) grease for application in any mechanism operating under overload, vibrations, thermal shocks, and humid environments. It can be applied in contact with saline and oxidizing environments.


150 g package

Where to buy:

Cana de pesca


Grade II grease with Calcium Sulfonate Complex base. It's recommended for fishing reels. Due to its micro additives, it's formulated for effective lubrication under demanding conditions. Consistent grease that withstands extreme pressures (E.P) and provides extreme lubrication to effectively combat wear (A.W). It's a product with excellent resistance to heavy loads, shock-resistant, and water-resistant.

High-performance grease, designed for application in fishing reels subjected to high pressures and loads.


- Good corrosion resistance         - Completely insoluble and water repellent         - Resistant to high temperatures         

- Extreme adhesion and wrapping capacity         - Ability to withstand high loads for very long periods   

- High penetrating power in rust         - Reduces vibrations and increases lubrication period

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is its consistency?

In comparison to Grade 00 grease, this one is much thicker. See here

2. Is it suitable for professional use as well?

Yes, it does. The product can be used in the maintenance of your fishing rod, whether you enjoy fishing leisurely or engaging in sports or deep-sea fishing.

3. Does it also have antioxidant characteristics?

Yes, it has antioxidant characteristics.


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