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Ceramic Lubrificant

Refº Net 15


Friction-reducing lubricant (concentrated formula, drop-by-drop application) based on ceramic nanotechnology specially designed for application on bicycle chains, both mountain and road.


50 ml package


- The professional's lubricant. Several high-performance athletes rely on Ceramic Bike Lubricant for the most demanding races.

Where to buy:

Andar de bicicleta


If you have a passion for cycling, no matter the weather conditions or time of day, this is the ideal product for you. Ceramic Bike Lubricant is designed to lubricate all bicycle chains. The ceramic nanotechnology base provides extreme lubrication in the toughest conditions and on the longest rides.

This lubricant can be used on bikes of any terrain, ensuring long-lasting lubrication and chain protection. It contains no adhesives to keep the chain always clean. It easily repels water to ensure smooth lubrication during your race.

Perfect product for high-demand races in any terrain and wet environments.


- Non-adhesive         - Repels water         - Protects the chain

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why use Ceramic Lubricant instead of PTFE Bike Lubricant?

Both products are excellent for cyclists who need a reliable lubricant for demanding races. PTFE Lubricant is recommended for mountain bikers on dry and dusty terrains. Ceramic Lubricant is the ideal product for road bikes and wet environments.  

2. Does it have antioxidant properties?

Yes, it has antioxidant properties to protect the chain from oxidation due to environmental conditions.

3. How should I apply the product?

First, you should clean the transmission chain to remove any existing lubricant. Then, vigorously shake the packaging (essential) and apply the lubricant to the chain (a thin stream of lubricant is sufficient). Wipe off the excess with a cloth to prevent the lubricant from splashing onto the bicycle frame. Your bike is now ready for your adventure.

4. Is it easy to clean the chain?

Yes, after any ride, we would be lying if we said the chain ends up perfectly clean. It will always have some dirt. When you rinse the chain with water, you'll see that the dirt comes off easily. Unless you're regularly lubricating the chain throughout the year without cleaning it, in which case it will be much harder to clean.


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