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Fishing Lubricant

Refº Net 10


Lubricant with anti-friction properties (concentrated formula, drip-by-drip application) specialized for use in fishing reels.

Recommended for precise application at the point of use.


50 ml package

Where to buy:

Homem pescando no rio



Lubricant specially designed for application on fishing reels. Lubricates and quickly eliminates all noises and blockages of the reel during fishing. Protects reels from wear and corrosion.

The difference lies in the small details, try it and see the results.


An essential product for maintaining fishing equipment. 


- Non-adhesive         - Repels freshwater and saltwater         - Improves the performance of the parts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it have Antioxidant characteristics?

Yes, it has antioxidant characteristics to protect the reel from oxidation due to environmental conditions.

2. How should I apply the product?

First, you should clean the reel to remove any existing lubricant. Then, shake the packaging vigorously and apply the lubricant to the desired area of the reel (apply the amount you deem sufficient).


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