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Engine Treatment

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Engine Treatment based on ester technology. A product that combines ester technology and friction modifiers to drastically reduce wear and friction.


300 ml package

Where to buy:

Correia do motor


Friction-reducing motor oil additive, based on complex synthetic esters, which drastically reduces the friction coefficient. The additives work synergistically to generate a protective film for the most adverse conditions. Protects during cold starts, reduces consumption, and minimizes excess temperature, vibrations, and noise. Does not negatively interfere with the physical-chemical properties of the oil. Applicable to diesel or gasoline engine oils. Compatible with synthetic and mineral oils.


- Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it helps to keep the oil in good condition         - Reduces wear between parts       

- Creates a protective film that reduces wear and friction

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I apply this product to my car?

This engine treatment can be applied from new up to, roughly, 150,000 kilometers under normal driving conditions.

2. Can I apply this product in the gearbox?

Yes, you can apply it in a manual gearbox, but never in an automatic gearbox or in any system with oil-bathed discs.  

3. What are the benefits of applying the product?

This product reduces friction between engine parts, preventing wear. It stabilizes engine temperature variations and keeps the oil in good condition to protect the engine.


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