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Radiator Sealer

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Fast and effective sealant for cooling systems. Compatible with all water-based coolants and all systems (including aluminum).


300 ml package

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The Radiator Leak Sealer seals cooling circuits quickly, effectively, and safely. The sealing particles deposit themselves at leakage points to seal them effectively. It contains special organic agents in suspension, which are non-harmful to cooling systems. It acts on the radiator and other components of the cooling system. It does not obstruct the cooling system, does not damage cooling system components, and protects against corrosion.

It is compatible with all water-based coolant liquids.


- Water-based product         - Seals cooling circuits         - Fast sealing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a safe product?

Yes, the product is water-based and organic. It only acts upon contact with oxygen, so it only operates in the necessary area.

2. Will it not clog the radiators?

The product does not contain solid particles. The excess product remaining in the circuit loses its strength over time within the circuit.

3. Can I apply it with the car hot?

It should be applied when cold to avoid potential burns. In case of doubt, you should ask a professional to apply it.

4. Is it a permanent solution whenever the car leaks fluid from the cooling system?

No, the Radiator Stop Leak is a preventive product and not a permanent solution. If the vehicle is leaking coolant, it needs to be taken to a workshop as soon as possible.

For example:

- If your car is leaking coolant in the garage and you need to drive it to the workshop but are afraid of getting stuck on the road, you can use the Radiator Stop Leak before the trip. This way, the product will seal the leaks and prevent the vehicle from losing more coolant during the journey; 

- If you're participating in a rally, you can use Radiator Stop Leak to prevent any leaks during the race. This ensures that the cooling system remains sealed and protected throughout the event;


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