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Particle Filter Regenerator

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Effective DPF/FAP regenerator. Allows for reducing the temperature for regeneration and increasing the likelihood of it occurring. Formulated for vehicles with a clogged DPF/FAP and low regeneration capacity.


300 ml package

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Conserto e manutenção de automóveis


It is a product containing state-of-the-art nano-catalysts, resistant to combustion, designed to reach the diesel particulate filter (DPF), enabling the combustion of accumulated particles. Thanks to this effect, the regeneration temperature is drastically reduced, allowing regeneration of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) under less favorable conditions. 

​The regeneration of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) through the catalysts restores power losses and protects the fuel filter. It is the ideal product as a preventive measure for vehicles that circulate extensively in urban areas.

Compatible with all types of diesel.


- Facilitates the regeneration process         - Contains highly effective catalysts to disperse accumulated deposits       

- Compatible with modern and older diesel injection systems

Frequently Questions Asked

1. Should I only apply it when there are issues with the DPF?

No, the product can be applied preventively. Apply to a full tank (at least 50 liters) and consume that fuel preferably on a long journey.

2. And how do I apply it when there are problems?

The product should be applied, and then drive at a high engine speed (3,000 RPM) so that the particulate filter can reach a high temperature.  

3. Does it only act on the DPF?

No, this product also contains detergent additives to clean the injection system, preventing the creation of unburned particles.


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